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Northern Jutland

Northern Jutland: An Expanse of Rugged Beauty

Northern Jutland may technically just be another region of Denmark, but its clear boundaries and jagged edges can sometimes make it feel like a fascinatingly alien landscape.

There's nothing quite like a stay at a holiday home in Northern Jutland. 

"Dramatic" is perhaps the best word to describe Northern Jutland. It's literally shorn from the greater geography of Denmark, and its edges are all jagged and harsh cliff walls, but there's a beauty to this place that can be hard to explain. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can get out there and explore the territory for yourself.

The fact that Northern Jutland is surrounded by the sea means there are boundless opportunities to get out and enjoy the water. Between the sea and the inland fjords, lakes, and rivers, there's a level of eco-diversity that should appeal to avid fishers of all types, and sailing and windsurfing are both popular pastimes as well.

The fact that this region offers the highest wind speeds in western Europe makes the latter a particularly thrilling experience, and the city of Klitmoller in particular can't be missed. It's even known by surfers around the world as "Cold Hawaii". 

The rugged landscapes make this land ideal for hiking, walking, and mountain biking as well. A meticulously well-marked and dense network of paths means that almost anywhere on the island can be accessed by bike, and most of these paths prohibit motorized vehicles, lending cycling journeys an added sense of both safety and solitude.

The West Coast Route stretching from Skagen to Bulbjerg is the longest by far, but the Himmerland Trail is particularly well regarded for the scenic views of the Vesthimmerland is offers. Many of these trails are accessible to hikers and joggers as well as cyclists. The Danes are enthusiastic about their cycling, and they have accommodations for kids of any age. Half bikes and tandem bikes are accessible at bike shops throughout the region. 

If you're looking for activities targeted specifically at the younger crowd, the people of Northern Jutland have you covered. The zoo in the city of Aalborg is the only place in Denmark you can find find Asian lions, orangutans, and African elephants. There are over a hundred different varieties of animals living in the zoo, and the staff maintains a busy calendar of fun and educational events all year long.

The region of Northern Jutland is also home to an inordinate number of amusement parks. Fårup Sommerland is a mere half hour away from Aalborg, and it's easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entirety of Denmark.

Dozens of attractions are on display in the park, and they include everything from roller coasters to slides. Sommerland doubles as a water park in addition to offering more traditional amusement park rides.

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