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A Holiday in Poland - Your Vacation in the Heart of Europe

Poland is the geographical heart of Europe, located in its very center.

With a population of over 38,000,000, it is Europe’s ninth largest country. Don’t let the size fool you, though; Poland has a comfortable, welcoming feel.

If you are looking for a place to book your next vacation abroad, a holiday home in Poland might just be for you! 

An extraordinarily child-friendly country, Poland promises a terrific getaway for the entire family. Summer is really the best time to visit Poland as its winters are extremely cold with temperatures that can dip into subzero territory. Depending on the region of Poland you visit, summer temps can range from 65-95°F. Rain shouldn’t be much of a concern during your stay.

Even though the summer months see the greatest amount of precipitation, the highest monthly average of rainfall is only about three inches. So, whether your plans include hiking the Tatra Mountains or taking in the mediaeval castles along Eagles Nests Trail, you should have pretty nice weather for exploring this beautiful country. 

What better way to spend a day than digging for gold? Pay a visit to Złoty Stok in Wrocław and take in all the interesting fun that this 1000-year-old mine offers.

You can take the whole family on a tour of the mine through multiple tunnels that include attractions. Follow your tour up with a cruise on the underground boat ride and see Poland’s only underground waterfall. Be sure to stop by the treasury to see the real gold bars! 

While you’re near Wrocław, why not go on a gnome hunt? You can print out a map and walk this charming city looking for at least 165 gnomes that are hiding out all around it. This is a great activity to get the family working together. The kids, especially, are certain to enjoy searching for and finding gnomes that are crafted to represent different professions and lifestyles. You will learn about the fascinating history of the gnomes, as well. 

Is the summer weather getting a little too warm? Spend a delightful day splashing around Termy Maltańskie, a water park in Poznań. This incredible aquatic attraction boasts 16 pools, a wave pool and 11 water slides for all the wet and wild fun the kids can handle. Mom and Dad won’t want to miss the Jacuzzis and the 14-room sauna for the ultimate in relaxation. 

Have you ever wondered how Polish people lived in centuries past? You will find a stroll through Tokarnia Ethnographic Park, located to the southwest of Kielce, both interesting and educational.

The open-air museum features costumed characters and houses that display traditional Polish culture. The characters explain how they worked and the different ways of living in those times. 

There is so much to do and see in Poland that it may be hard to nail down an itinerary. Regardless of what you choose to do, both you and the kids will be enchanted by this captivating European gem!

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