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Be Inspired by Pomerania's Activities for Families

Pomerania Poland may not be the first area families think of when planning a holiday trip, but it is an area full of fun, history and many family-friendly activities for everyone.

From zoos to beaches, families will have plenty to see and do while they stay at a holiday home in Pomerania. 

If your family loves animals, the Oliwa Zoo in Gdansk is the place to go. It has more 190 species and 1,000 animals for your family to see and learn about in their educational tours. Children will see the animals in an area that match the environment they came from and there are rarely any crowds, so you can take your time to enjoy the experience. The zoo also has family activities that get everyone involved. 

The zoo, a large facility located in a forest, provides a tranquil atmosphere for a day trip. You can slow down the pace with a stroll, enjoying nature along the way. 

An aquarium to visit is Forkarium in Hel where your children can get up close and personal with seals. A top pick for families, the Forkarium features a seal sanctuary and includes educational experiences conducted by scientists and professors that promote conservation.

It also has some unique ways to feed the animals that show off seals' learning ability with a variety of tricks, which keeps the whole family entertained. Most say viewing the seals is well worth the trip, although the tour is short. 

Sopot Beach is the number one beach in the area. It is on the coast of the Baltic Sea and near an area filled with resorts and health spas. It is a quiet, peaceful area so it is a great place to take the family to play, relax and enjoy time together. The waters are cold, but most enjoy a walk along the pier to get panoramic views of the water and sand. 

This part of Poland has endless miles of supreme coast that intrigue and hypnotize visitors with sea life and natural beauty. From seagulls to swans, Pomerania has a natural beach habitat that keeps both children and adults intrigued. Plus, the weather is nice, even through October. 

Swinoujscie Beach in Swinoujscie is another highly-rated area for families that offers fun in the sun. Incredibly clean, this beach is fully accessible so everyone can enjoy it to the fullest. From its spectacular views of yachts and sailing ships to the soft, thick, grey sand, Swinoujscie Beach offers an experience that sets a relaxed tone for the day. 

The Lighthouse Swinoujscie is an attraction people love, largely for its amazing views over the town and beach that can be seen from the top. The views are the treat after a long climb, so the hike to the top is worth it. Be aware that children may tire on the climb, but it is great if you need to burn off some energy for them to sleep well. 

Pomerania Poland's coast is full of kid-friendly destinations that adds adventure to the family holiday. It will make for a remarkable holiday that adds to family memories.

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