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Wander the Historic Streets of Warsaw

Anyone interested in history must plan a trip to Warsaw, Poland.

Despite suffering catastrophic damage in the 20th century, the Polish capital has retained its heritage and has gone on to become one of the most prosperous cities in the EU.

Renting a holiday home in Warsaw is the best way to explore all the cultural treasures this city has to offer. 

Most tours of Warsaw begin in the city’s Old and New Town districts. Don’t let the name fool you: the “New Town” was so-named because it was the first area to be constructed around the original “Old Town.” Both of these areas are the oldest parts of the city. 

Amazingly, the original Old and New Town were completely destroyed during World War II, so what you see today is a reconstruction. First-time visitors are always shocked just how authentic these reconstructed districts look. 

Many of Warsaw’s greatest palaces, churches, and museums can be easily accessed on foot in the Old and New Town. A few must-see sites within these districts include St. John’s Cathedral, the Jesuit Church, the Warsaw History Museum, and the Royal Castle. 

Officially, both the Old and New Town are within a central area of Warsaw known as Śródmieście. Visitors usually spend most of their trip exploring all that Śródmieście has to offer once they’ve exhausted the Old and New Town. 

The buildings in Śródmieście range from the time of Saxon Kings through the Communist era and into the ultra-modern 21st century. Some of Śródmieście’s most iconic landmarks include Stalin’s Palace of Culture and Science, the Church of the Holiest Savior, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

Śródmieście also boasts some of the capital’s finest museums and parks. Fans of the Frederic Chopin will find a museum dedicated to the great Polish composer here as well as the Chopin Family Living Room. Other important sites in Śródmieście include the National Museum, the Copernicus Science Center, and the Center for Contemporary Art. As for parks, some of Śródmieście’s most popular areas for relaxation include Ogród Saski, Łazienki Park, and Ujazdów Park. 

Warsaw also has many centers dedicated to preserving the history of the Jewish community in Poland. One museum of particular importance in Śródmieście is Warsaw’s Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Visitors can also learn more about the WWII and the Jewish experience in Warsaw at the nearby Warsaw Uprising Museum and at Śródmieście’s historic Nożyk Synagogue.

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    At Feline you will always find the largest selection of beautifully situated holiday homes Poland. Easy and safe booking online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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