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Southern Jutland: A Microcosm of Danish History

If you want to experience a cross-section of Danish heritage and history, rent a holiday home in Southern Jutland.

Due to its historically strategic location, it's look been a blend of different cultures and is positively littered with fascinating historic landmarks. 

Due to the Flensburg Fjord, connecting Denmark to Germany, Southern Jutland is often seen as the country's borderland. Visitors with a love for history should take the time to stop by some of the region's historically important towns.

The royal city of Kolding is possibly the richest with historical landmarks. Most emblematic are the looming Koldinghus Castle ruins which have been lovingly restored and offer spectacular views of both the city and the royal lake.

Just south of the city proper is the Moravian town of Christiansfeld. This candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List is so well preserved that visiting is like stepping back in time to the 18th century.

If you have young ones who wants history lessons that are a bit more active, be sure to take them to the viking town of Ribe. Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark, and it wears that assignation like a badge of honor. Commoner's Tower offers a great view of the charming town below, and the Viking Museum is especially well curated. 

But Southern Jutland isn't all about reflecting on its past. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Denmark is Legoland Billund. The park itself is comprised of nearly 60 million plastic bricks, and the generous selection of themed territories that make up the park ensure that families can keep themselves entertained here for hours. Attractions range from rollercoasters to water rides.

The Universe Science Park foregoes stodgy museum exhibits in favor of compelling and interactive experiences that can teach kids and adults about the sciences in compelling ways. The park is always good about staying on the cutting edge of new technologies, and their VR headsets allow you to experience a virtual hang gliding flight. 

And while you won't find a lot of opportunities to hang glide in Southern Jutland's actual reality, you will find plenty of chances to explore the outdoors. If you only see one park in Southern Jutland, it should be Wadden Sea National Park. It's a showcase for the rugged beauty of the region, and this well preserved park is home to a huge variety of different birds. It's home to a phenomenon known as the Black Sun, wherein flocks of starlings take to the sky in such volume that they block out the light.

Wadden Sea National Park also includes Romo Beach, well recognizes as one of the best beaches in Western Europe. If you have the time, you should definitely check out the surrounding islands off the coast. Romo, Als, and Mando are some of the most popular and beautiful.

Rodekro Fiskepark is the perfect place to spend a day with the family. Enjoy the four fishing lakes, the barbecue area and the beautiful surroundings with woodland and fields. In the fishing gear shop you will find everything you need – inclusive good advice.

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