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Explore Denmarks Golden Age at The Limfjord

With a history stretching back to the Age of Vikings and a landscape that is as beautiful as it is charming, the Limfjord region of Denmark is home to welcoming towns, rural villages, and shop-lined streets with a host of learning centers for people of all ages.

For families looking to explore a region steeped in the memory of Denmark's golden age, a holiday home along the Limfjord is an experience that should not be missed. 

For families traveling with children, no trip to the Limfjord would be quite complete without a visit to the Jesperhus holiday park, where indoor and outdoor recreational water parks, a zoo, a 4D children's cinema, and numerous other attractions await adventurous travelers.

While kids swim or take in an educational cartoon at the movie theater, parents can enjoy Danish sweets and snacks while strolling about the manicured grounds. For fun, the Jesperhus park is a first-rate experience that is hard to beat. 

For a family learning experience, try a visit to the Spøttrup Castle, where you'll see lush gardens and even cross a moat on a real-life drawbridge to experience one of Denmark's hidden architectural gems. History buffs can learn about the region's medieval roots firsthand while marveling at preserved artifacts from another world and time of knightly intrigue and chivalry. 

In nearby Aalborg, families can also experience cutting edge artwork and architecture at the Museum of Modern Art. With its stunning contemporary architectural design and vast stretches of lawns and gardens, the museum is a must see for fans of art history. Near to the kid-friendly Aalborg Zoo, the pair of sites makes for a great day trip to complement a relaxing stroll around the town's charming streets and friendly shops. 

Of course, no trip to the Limfjord is complete without a few days spent along the region's beaches. Reached by ferry, the small island of Venø provides numerous walking trails and beaches for strolling or bicycle riding, while outdoor fun is combined with learning at the Aggersborg, the site of Denmark's largest Viking ring castle, a true piece of history to delight learners keen to see Denmark's history at its best. 

With a holiday home at The Limfjord, a trip to the area makes for a special family experience with activities for all age ranges and interests. Whether you're kicking back with a picnic lunch in one of the area's scenic parks, taking the family to a world-class museum or architectural heritage site, or reading a book beneath the shade of a seaside tree, there is a world of fun at hand along the Limfjord.

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