A holiday accommodation is exactly the right base if you are making plans to experience Denmark. A holiday accommodation is just the right solution if a combination of experiences and total relaxation is on the wish list for your holiday.

All options are on the table. Naturally, it is entirely up to you whether you tend more towards experiences and excursions or total relaxation in the holiday accommodation.

Every member of your family can look forward to enjoying an unforgettable mix of experiences, excursions, attractions, places of interest – and of course to absolute relaxation. Denmark is a beautiful place to spend a holiday.

Here, you all have time to take things easy together and you can choose exactly the experiences and excursions you feel like taking. The dream of spending time with one another and sharing unforgettable experiences with one another will soon become a reality. With a holiday accommodation as a base, your holiday time is all yours and of course you can use it exactly as you fancy.

Enjoy Christmas with your whole family in an accommodation. Many of the accommodations have space for lots of guests, offering enough room for several cooks to help out in the kitchen, many hands to decorate the Christmas tree, and many happy and expectant faces around the beautifully decorated table for Christmas dinner.

Tips for holiday experiences

From its cosmopolitan capital to its rural coastlines, Denmark offers diverse experiences to families on holiday.

On your next holiday, visit Copenhagen where you can connect to its rich past and brilliant future.

Well-preserved Kastellet offers military and history fanatics a look at life in a 17th century fortress.

Frederik's Church, known for its marble features and rococo style, anchors Copenhagen's Frederiksstaden district.

Imagine boarding the Sjællands Odde ferry in Aarhus or Øerne and taking the less-traveled route to Copenhagen this holiday. You'll return with exceptional tales!

In Odense, make the exceptional Hans Christian Andersen Museum a priority. You might recapture childhood emotions.

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