Of course, you yourself can choose how to use the time in the holiday cabin you decided on. Anything is possible. Naturally, it is totally up to you whether you are primarily interested in experiences and excursions or prefer to indulge in absolute relaxation at the holiday cabin.

You actually can’t go wrong if you choose to book the cabin with luxury features. With your very own swimming pool at your disposal at all times, many wonderful hours together await you.

Tips for holiday experiences

On your next vacation to Sweden, take advantage of Allemansrätten, the freedom granted by Sweden for every person to roam freely in nature. Hike in the forest and swim in the lakes to your heart's content.

Founded in AD 980 and considered Sweden's first town, Sigtuna offers lots of historic charm in an easily walkable area.

When you visit the town of Visby on the island of Gotland, take some time to take in the sight of the incredible medieval wall that surrounds the entire city.

On the small island of Ven, one can easily bike the entire span in less than a day. However, stop a while at the shops and cafes or to admire the lovely views.

Blueberries, lingonberries, and more dot the forests of Sweden. You and your family can spend a day berry-picking anywhere due to the law of unrestricted land use.

Price guarantee - luxury cabins in sweden

If you decide to rent a cabin on Feline Holidays, of course our price guarantee applies for you.

Quite simply, that means we vouch that none of our competitors rent the a cabin you prefer at prices better than our price.

In the unlikely event that we make an error in our price monitoring, we will reimburse you the entire price difference.We will simply lodge the total directly to your account

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