Keep an eye on everything from the deck of the pool, or hop in yourself and enjoy the wonderful time. Kids can splash around, play ball, swim and enjoy one another’s company in a luxury villa.

Tips for holiday experiences

Denmark guards the Baltic Sea's passage into the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and it offers modern memories made alongside Nordic history lessons.

Come to Amalienborg in Copenhagen for its four palace buildings with identical exteriors. Linger in its octagonal courtyard.

Copenhagen is a stunning place that will open a new bank of pleasant memories in your heart.

Once Hans Christian Andersen's home island, Copenhagen's Nyhavn neighborhood awaits visitors with jazz, dining and happy streets.

Frederik's Church, known for its marble features and rococo style, anchors Copenhagen's Frederiksstaden district.

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen has captured many gazes from children and dreamers.

To appreciate the lives of the Danish royal family, holiday visitors need only tour Rosenborg Castle.

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