If you stay in an apartment in autumn and winter, a fireplace is almost indispensable. After an invigorating walk at Sweden, it is lovely to come indoors from the cold and warm up. The heat spreads very quickly, creating a cosy feeling.

There really is nothing to compare with a holiday apartment when it comes to experiencing or re-experiencing Sweden. In the holiday apartment you chose, your time is your own and you can pick exactly the holiday experiences you feel like having.

Tips for holiday experiences

The ancestral home of the vikings, Sweden delightfully combines the charms of the past with the modernity of the present and the promise of the future. A truly unforgettable travel destination.

With over 100 ski resorts to choose from, finding the perfect place to ski in Sweden is not difficult.

The Gunnebo House and Gardens, designated a cultural site, gives visitors guided tours of the villa and the surrounding grounds.

Travel to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park for you best chance to see the famed Northern Lights in their fully glory.

On the small island of Ven, one can easily bike the entire span in less than a day. However, stop a while at the shops and cafes or to admire the lovely views.

With many wonderful lakes and easy to rent boats, a leisurely day spent on the water may be in the cards for you family.

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