Look forward to a few splendid days in your favoured cabin with a spa area. Here, you can relax while the massage jets gently work your back, and feel the stress of your hectic everyday fall from your shoulders and you find new energy.

Sweden is a wonderful place to go on holiday. Here, you all have time for one another, can unwind and choose exactly the experiences and excursions you fancy. The dream of having time for one another and sharing unforgettable holiday experiences with one another is almost a reality. With a holiday cabin as a base, one hundred percent of your holiday time is your own and of course you can use it exactly as you see fit.

Tips for holiday experiences

The land of the moose and the meatball: Take a trip to Sweden to discover that there might be more that meets the eye than what you may have heard.

Founded in AD 980 and considered Sweden's first town, Sigtuna offers lots of historic charm in an easily walkable area.

Explore the wide variety of the collections housed at the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm. History buffs will enjoy viewing art from as far back as the 16th century.

Befriend some local Swedes and take part in a crayfish party to mark the end of summer. This unique tradition promises great food and memories.

Spend a weekend afternoon shopping at Malmö's flea markets, such as Drottningstorget flea market or Folkets park.

The Gunnebo House and Gardens, designated a cultural site, gives visitors guided tours of the villa and the surrounding grounds.

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